MZ Engineering


MZ Engineering offers comprehensive services which cover the entire project life cycle of assets, buildings and infrastructure. Also, we offer comprehensive services to our clients, providing sustainable solutions throughout the life cycle of their projects and assets.


MZ Engineering covers all key Engineering disciplines:

  • Civil
  • Architectural
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Chemical
  • Environment
  • Safety
  • Surveying
  • Industrial
  • Water
  • Power
  • Urban
  • Transport

Integral to all of this in bringing innovation and technology resulting in each design being unique

MZ Engineering covers several sectors including; Residential, Commercial, Retail, Hotel & Leisure, Healthcare, Industrial, Transport, Mixed-Use-Developments, Infrastructure and Utilities.

MZ Engineering is developing its engineering consultancy services and offerings for the Saudi Arabian Power, Water, Industrial and Logistics Sectors.

MZ Engineering outputs will be delivered through detailed Engineering Design & Development, Specific Working Drawing Production & Design Co-ordination & Review, Presentation and 3D Imaging mostly using Computer Added Design Software.  


MZ Engineering covers Safety Engineering Services in three interlinking aspects:

  • Engineering Safety Fire Protection,
  • Engineering Safety Systems Design and
  • Engineering Safety Systems Testing & Commissioning.

For Engineering Safety Accreditation, MZ Engineering is accredited and acting for and on behalf of the Saudi Government in assuring and certifying that buildings are in compliance with the Saudi Arabian Department of Civil Defence Standards.

This include systems analysis of Water Supply, Sprinkler & Deluge, Fire Pump, Standpipe & Hydrant, Low, Medium & High Expansion Foam, Gaseous Extinguishing, Detector Layout & Type, Fire & Gas Detection, Extinguishing Control, Site Evacuation Processes, Site Incident Management, Complete Fire Protection System Reviews and Installation Supervision.

MZ Engineering also supports government organizations and companies in developing their specific Corporate Health, Safety & Environment Strategies & Implementation Plans. This includes setting the direction for and overseeing the implementation of the Safety Culture Transformation Program


Benefiting from its Civil Engineering Design capabilities, MZ Engineering’s work with clients, their design teams and the Saudi Government Authorities, is an integral part to bringing our client’s environmental priorities to reality, beginning from the basic design phase.

MZ Engineering provides:
  • Environmental Engineering Accreditation Services,
  • Environmental Engineering Systems Design Services and
  • Environment Protection Systems Testing & Commissioning Services.

MZ Engineering also carries out Environmental Assessment Services that provides environmental inspection services as part of the due diligence required during prospective property purchase.

MZ Engineering also support clients in the Remediation of Environmental Issues, whether for a prospective property, or an industrial facility undergoing enforcement. Industrial Permitting is also another service that MZ Engineering provides, which specializes in helping industrial facility management maintain compliance with the Saudi Government Authorities, so they can focus on their core business of manufacturing.

Part of MZ Engineering work is to also provides Environmental Air Quality Testing, required to protect client’s facility’s staff and customers, whether it’s COx, SOx, NOx, Lead, Ozone or Particulate Matters.


MZ Engineering is proud to be one of the few engineering firms in Saudi Arabia that provides Wildlife & Biodiversity Conservation Engineering Services. Wildlife conservation refers to the well-planned practice of ensuring protection for wild animal species, their habitats and all types of plants. Biodiversity loss threatens food security and urgent action is needed to address the loss of the biodiversity that feeds the World.

MZ Engineering works diligently with its clients to assure that natural resources within their jurisdictions are conserved in accordance with the global best practices and standards.

MZ Engineering works with government organizations and companies to develop their Wildlife & Biodiversity Conservation Strategies and Initiatives.

MZ Engineering key services pertaining to Wildlife Biodiversity Conservation (WBC) is the Watershed Engineering Management aimed at implementing optimum land use and water management practices to protect and improve the quality of the water and other natural resources within a watershed.


MZ Engineering covers all key Architectural Engineering disciplines including:

  • Planning
  • Environmental Systems Integrated Design (Energy Conservation, HVAC, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP)
  • Lighting
  • Fire Protection
  • Acoustics
  • Vertical & Horizontal Transportation
  • Electrical Power Systems), Structural Systems
  • Building Components Behaviour
  • Properties & Materials
  • Building Energy Modelling
  • Building Controls
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Building Solar Design
  • Communication & IT, Noise Control & Acoustic Design
  • LEED Certification, Interior Design
  • Facility & Home Automation
  • Distributed & Energy Conversation System

MZ Engineering delivers through detailed Engineering Design & Development, Specific Working Drawing Production & Design Co-ordination & Review, Presentation and 3D Imaging mostly using Computer Added Design Software. 


The digitalisation of the built environment represents one of the most profound changes to the construction industry and profession since the first industrial revolution. BIM (Building Information Modelling) is one of the primary enablers of this change.

The superseding BS EN ISO 196502 now defines BIM as ‘the use of a shared digital representation of a built asset to facilitate design, construction and operation processes to form a reliable basis for decisions. Built assets include, but are not limited to, buildings, bridges, roads, process plants‘.

MZ Engineering is one of the pioneering engineering providers in Saudi Arabia and the region to offer the disciplines of Building Information Modelling to its clients.

MZ Engineering is currently securing global partnerships and agreements with experts in order to deploy the needed systems that can be used by and the for the purposes of clients.

Project Management

MZ Engineering is applying market leading Project Management principles to the practice of Engineering, combining technological and innovative problem-solving ability of engineering, along with the organizational, administrative, legal and planning abilities of management, for the purpose of overseeing and supervising the execution of construction projects performance on behalf of and for clients.

MZ Engineering offerings include

  • Project Management,
  • Project Commercial Management,
  • Procurement Management,
  • Cost Planning & Estimating, (Feasibility Studies, Cost Planning, Estimate Preparation),
  • Cost Management,
  • Project Administration
  • Projects Costs Structuring and Allocation Systems.


Engineering Consulting Services can save time, effort, and money for individuals, government organizations and companies that are in need of knowledge and expertise for a specific task or engagement.

MZ Engineering provides engineering consulting services and expertise to individuals, investors, international and local companies and government organizations in need of a specialized engineering skill-set to execute specific works.

MZ Engineering offerings include providing experienced engineers able to provide short-term technical engineering advice.

The consulting engineering professionals of MZ Engineering work with clients to define solutions to problems or to help determine and recommend the best course of action for a given initiative. MZ also regularly engage with international experts and advisors in order to provide services and consultation needed by clients.


MZ Engineering provides surveying as part of its civil engineering services, to assess and record the details of land. These surveys are fundamental for use in and planning of construction projects.

The three-dimensional relationships between different locations can be determined through surveying in civil engineering.

MZ Engineering civil engineers surveying activities and advise provide several outputs to our clients including; planning for new construction projects, preparing plots, analysing topography, charting, assessing the position of existing structures like highways, canals, dams and bridges, navigational routes, creating topographical or marine navigational maps, estimating projected paths of roads, railways, power lines and irrigation systems and assessing and recording the boundaries of different properties to determine land ownership.

MZ Engineering provides several types of surveying, with using its own resource or the resources of it strategic global partners:

  • Construction surveying
  • Deformation surveying
  • Geological surveying
  • Hydrographic surveying
  • Topographic surveying

MZ Engineering is constantly developing and applying advanced tools to support its engineers in conducting surveys with all types of features, including:

  • Computer-Assisted Drawing (CAD)
  • Global Positioning Satellite Data
  • Aerial Photogrammetry
  • Point Cloud Modelling

Saudi Archaeological & Urban Heritage-Based Services that Promotes Cultural Identity

  • Assets Integrity & Safety Assessment Reporting.
  • Assets Structural Investigation & Assessment Reporting & Certificates.
  • Assets Historical & Cultural Significance Assessment.
  • Regulatory & Municipal Compliance.
  • Method of Statement Development.
  • Retrieval of Historical Spatial Data (Satellite Images up to 40 Years Back).
  • Local Seismic Assets Response Analysis.
  • Deep Archaeological Cleaning & Consolidation.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Archeological Preservative, Restorative & Conservation Authenticity Planning & Engineering.
  • Advanced 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning & Photogrammetric Surveys.
  • Conservation Project Management & Delivery.
  • Restoration Material Recycling, Sampling, Analysis, Classification, Testing & Sourcing.
  • Restoration & Conservation Techniques Validation.
  • Assets Classification & Restoration Engineering.
  • Assets Classification & Restauration Execution & Supervision.
  • Digital Documentation Development & Recording.
  • Permanent & Temporary Assets Protection Planning & Engineering.

Global E+TICC

Global E+TICC (Engineering + Testing, Inspection, Certification & Compliance) Company, with more than 70 years of experience, over 12,000 employees / 6,500 engineers, operating in 27 countries, more than 250 external accreditations, 29 Training Centers, and more than 200,000 clients, with an Annual Turnover of SAR 5.0 billion providing a wide range of engineering disciplines, consultancy, and services with a focus on asset integrity, environment, safety, and sustainability.


The construction industry is especially dangerous, due to its work nature, which includes working at height and confined spaces, frequent usage of different tools and heavy machinery, dealing with hazardous building materials. The need for site supervision becomes critical if we consider these major threats. Site supervision is the process of monitoring and supervising all the construction activities at the site by qualified engineers, to ensure all construction practices are followed and the regulations and standards are enforced. Site supervision plays a pivotal role in minimizing construction accidents and effectively managing project progress.

The Client Representative, Resident Architect, Resident Engineer, and Site Engineering Supervisor (SES) are people involved in site supervision. The role of the SES is to ensure that the structural, mechanical, and electrical aspects of building construction are carried out in conformance with the plans, drawings, specifications, and required standards. The SES is also responsible for dealing with site changes and attending site meetings. Both the Resident Architect and Resident Engineer have the same responsibilities, which are to update the Client Representative regularly on the progress of the project in terms of time, cost, and quality. The only difference is that the Resident Architect takes care of the architectural elements while the Resident Engineer takes care of the engineering elements.

MZ Engineering provides comprehensive on-site management, supervision and inspection services of construction projects. These services are tailor-made for each project and cover all phases of construction in different Fields of Activity.

For MZ Engineering, the principles of construction supervision begin at the senior level with a commitment to the provision of world-class supervision and an understanding of how it impacts the project, the client and MZ Engineering.

MZ Engineering can exercises the authority as the “Engineer” and “Employer’s Representative” given by clients in order to complete the construction and site activities, in compliance with;

  • related conditions of contract,
  • Saudi Arabian legislation, regulations, standards, and specifications,
  • application, detailed design, and field of art rules, and
  • specified budget and timeline.

MZ Engineering keeps its Project Management Organization full-time at the construction site, that can carry-out several sub-services, depending on the contractual obligation with the client;

  • Safety oversite and control,
  • Protection of the environment within the project site and surrounding,
  • Monitor and supervise, the execution of preventive and corrective actions related to Health / Safety / Environmental,
  • Design and impellent Project Interface Management,
  • Design and impellent Project Stakeholders Interface Planning and Management,
  • Design and impellent Project Management and Administration,
  • Monitor and supervise the Project Quality Assurance / Quality Control Plans, including procedures, method statements and inspection forms,
  • Planning, coordination and control of construction and site activities,
  • Optimization of project resources,
  • Advise on suppliers and contractors selection process, monitor order and procurement phases,
  • Monitor, supervise, coordinate and manage daily construction and site activities,
  • Continuously monitor the implementation the detailed project work schedule, material / equipment supply schedule, budget and financial plans
  • Monitor compliance of work progress with the approved work schedule, material / equipment supply schedule, budget and financial plans; determine critical construction / material supply / permission / approval activities, verify with updated data, establish and execute cost control system, carry out planned – actual analysis, determine deviations, advise on necessary measures for speeding up the works and against deviations,
  • Monitor compliance of material, equipment, facility and workmanship provided by suppliers and contractors in terms of quantity and quality, to obtain related guarantee / warranty certificates provided by suppliers and contractors,
  • Monitor, control, evaluate and approve periodical and final inspections, measurements and tests done at-site or in a laboratory,
  • Determine and document physical progress and quantities of works completed / approved / accepted,
  • Prepare, check, correct, approve monthly / quarterly work completion and payment certificates,
  • Monitor and update list and status / qualifications of contractors’ manpower, machinery, equipment, vehicles / tools,
  • Report progress and forecasts of construction and site activities, including; scope, quality, time, financial status and projections of supplier and contractor activities,
  • Advise the client on the instructions related to contractors’ situations requiring correction,
  • Ensure that project / assets insurance policies are submitted by suppliers and contractors on time and for required scope, monitor validity of the policies,
  • Check and evaluate contractors’ facilities, workshops, warehouses, and advise the client on instructions related to situations requiring correction,
  • Analyse project risks related to construction and site activities, carry out evaluations according to progress, perform management activities to prevent or minimize the risks,
  • Advise the client, prepare necessary technical documentation and provide coordination for the resolution of technical conflicts and disputes arising between client and contractors / suppliers,
  • Carry out necessary investigations and evaluations related to variations and/or claims by contractors, (time extensions, additional payment, determination of new price, etc.), prepare variation orders, provide advise / opinion to the client, and carry out necessary studies in order to resolve the variation and/or claim,
  • Develop and implement a documentation, record and archive system for each project,
  • Ensure timely submission, conduct review and provide advise of documents by suppliers and contractors,
  • Prepare, approve and archive all records (minutes, surveys, attachments, reports, site records, etc.) to document the construction and site activities progress and implementation
  • Manage correspondence with suppliers and contactors; to check, evaluate and reply the incoming correspondence,
  • Organize periodic project reviews workshops and meetings, develop minutes of meetings and monitor the executions of agreed actions,
  • Prepare Environmental Impact Assessment Study, to ensure execution of pre-construction / construction / post-construction and project site activities in accordance regulatory requirements,
  • Perform Testing, Inspection, Commissioning, Compliance, Operation, Maintenance, and Training.

MZ Engineering also provide Project Construction Preparation Services, without the need to look for another service provider.

MZ Engineering adopts total quality management approach in its construction sites supervision and management activities, and has developed procedures / methods / forms related to be used by MZ Engineering staff, which are included in its ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System