MZ Engineering

Code of Conduct

MZ Engineering has undertaken various initiatives in the past years to enhance, enable and strengthen MZ Engineering’s Integrity Value, and we continue to emphasize our full commitment to zero tolerance policy on bribery, corruption and all forms of facilitation payments.

In support of this commitment, our Compliance standards are based on local and international standards, that provide the framework for good business ethics and establish the expected conduct that MZ Engineering employees need to follow in everyday business operations.

All employees should be committed to our three MZ Engineering’s Ethical Policies, the Code of Conduct, the Anti-Bribery and the Avoidance of Conflict of Interest, same time demonstrating high expectations of working ethically are also embodied in other three MZ Engineering’s core values: Commitment, Ownership and Teamwork.

Upholding these four Values encourages collaboration with MZ Engineering’s Clients and stakeholders based on trust and mutual respect, building a powerful team who have the right values to deal with the ever-changing work environment we operate in.

All MZ Engineering employees need to be clearly aware of the Ownership Value, and their responsibility to ensure the adherence to the three Policies and the four Values, which should be embedded in our day-to-day business operation in a way that continue adding a strong ethical culture, and embrace these Values and adopt them as a way of life within the MZ Engineering family.

MZ Engineering’s policies will not only promote procedural compliance, but it will also provide the compass to ensure that our individual behavior aligns with MZ Engineering’s Values, and we expect contractors, subcontractors, consultants, agent, representatives and other performing work or services for or on behalf of MZ Engineering to comply with the relevant parts of our policies when engaged in work or services with us.

In particular, our polices expressly prohibits improper solicitation, bribery, corrupt activity and non-compliances not only by MZ Engineering employees and directors, but also by third parties that work with or on behalf of any MZ Engineering.

The MZ Engineering’s open whistleblowing culture encourages employees to raise genuine and legitimate concerns, further, ethics and compliance with applicable laws are vital to MZ Engineering’s success.

MZ Engineering Leadership urge all to be part of implementing the three Policies and the four Values by reporting any related issues or concern that come to your attention.

MZ Engineering’s Code of Conduct flourishes with our commitment to it in our daily conduct.