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MZ Engineering is a First-Class Certified Engineering Firm, run by telented group of multi-disciplined engineers who have made their mission to make MZ Engineering a competent local Engineering Firm with Global Reach thru acquiring global innovative engineering and technology solution to our clients

Local Presence with Global Reach
Heritages Assets
Heritage Assets

The first and only Saudi Engineering Firm that provides Total Global Solutions for our invaluable Heritages Assets


MZ Engineering, supporting the Energy Production of the Saudi Electricity Company, and for the first time in its history, with a 100 % SAUDI TEAM OF ENGINEERS, committed to SAFETY, as an initial TEAM, growing soon to over 40 SAUDI Engineers


MZ Engineering also carries out Environmental Assessment Services that provides environmental inspection services as part of the due diligence required during prospective property purchase

Worldclass Saudi PMC, EoR & AoR to global standards
Worldclass Saudi PMC, EoR & AoR to global standards

MZ Engineering delivers through detailed Engineering Design & Development, Specific Working Drawing Production & Design Co-ordination & Review, Presentation and 3D Imaging mostly using Computer Added Design Software


MZ Engineering is one of the pioneering engineering providers in Saudi Arabia and the region to offer the disciplines of Building Information Modelling to its clients

Project Management
Project Management

MZ Engineering is applying market leading Project Management principles to the practice of Engineering, combining technological and innovative problem-solving ability of engineering, along with the organizational, administrative, legal and planning abilities of management


Engineering Consulting Services can save time, effort, and money for individuals, government organizations and companies that are in need of knowledge and expertise for a specific task or engagement

Fire & Life Safety ( FLS )
Fire & Life Safety ( FLS )

MZ Engineering is one of the few Saudi engineering firms that is additionally licensed to act for the Saudi General Directorate for Civil Defense for FLS Strategies Development, Design and Codes Implementation


MZ Engineering is one of the few Saudi engineering firms that is additionally licensed by the Saudi General Authority for Survey & Geospatial Information, with over 500 Technical Surveys Achieved in the past two years, providing surveying as part of its Civil Engineering Services, to assess and record the details of assets


For Engineering Safety Accreditation, MZ Engineering is accredited and acting for and on behalf of the Saudi Government in assuring and certifying that buildings are in compliance with the Saudi Arabian Department of Civil Defence Standards.


MZ Engineering also carries out Environmental Assessment Services that provides environmental inspection services as part of the due diligence required during prospective property purchase

MZ Engineering Leadership
MZ Engineering Leadership

In every engagement with every Client, MZ Engineering Leadership, Engineers and Staff commit proactively, smartly and diligently to following the highest global standards of safety & protection of our environment

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MZ Engineering's Markets

Energy & Water Sectors

MZ Engineering employs leading experts in the field of energy. This niche is the most in-demand nowadays

Transport Sector

The transport sector is one of the most sought-after in the Saudi market. The volume of this industry grows every year

Construction Sector

Our top construction engineers provide you with the highest quality of service

Safety Sector

MZ Engineering employs leading experts in the field of energy. This niche is the most in-demand nowadays

MZ Engineering are experts at managing and delivering complete integrated design, construction, social, environmental and project management services based on the knowledge from a wide range of disciplines to tailor a project specifically to our client’s needs.

Engineering Design

Our range of capabilities allows us the freedom to provide diverse architectural solutions, to leverage innovative products and materials, and to include our clients' visions to improve each project we touch.

Project Management / Supervision

MZ Engineering' project and construction management (PCM) Division provides project / construction management and site supervision consultancy services.

Architectural Consulting

Saudi Architects' staff of architectural and green building consultants provide third-party evaluation and due diligence services to clients including, equity investors, property managers, and building owners.

Project Control

Project Control guides clients through every stage of the construction process. For each individual owner, Project Control tailors its services to meet the needs and desires of the owner.

Value Engineering

Modification of designs and systems according to value analysis.The application of Value Engineering principles on projects can provide effective solutions and alternatives.

Strategic Visioning

Uniquely flexible methodology for visually aided strategic analysis. People have been seeking Saudi Architects expertise to create long-term solutions to complex design problems.

Feasibility Studies

Determine whether a balance can be found between the needs of the owner's business, the economics of the project and the physical characteristics of the planned construction.

Branded Environments

Extend the experience of a brand, or distinguishing characteristics as expressed in names, symbols and designs, to the design of interior or exterior physical settings.

Training and Learning Services

Working with MZ Engineering provides training in health and safety at work (risk prevention, fire safety, first aid), construction (BIM and electricity) and property management (technical diagnostics), placing skills development at the heart of risk prevention and performance improvement. MZ Engineering training is aimed at professionals at all levels, from all sectors, and can be integrated into courses that qualify as professional training. Whether designing a training plan or leading courses adapted to your employees and work environment, MZ Engineering can provide the expertise that ensures your training and development policies are consistently applied at all levels of your company.

Certification Services

Certification allows business to meet current management standards and regulations, proactively advancing your organization's progress and development. Working with MZ Engineering focuses on the individual, both in terms of our customer relationships and in our approach to assessment and certification. MZ Engineering offers 40 different types of accredited certification schemes or approvals, spanning management systems, product, and personnel certification. MZ Engineering are a leading provider of accredited ISO Certification Services including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, and ISO 50001, with more than 5,000 clients currently holding ISO certification in 26 countries worldwide.

Dispute Resolution

Working with MZ Engineering supports clients by successfully resolving complex disputes in a variety of industries. That includes offering a comprehensive approach to dispute resolution from technical analysis, determining the true causes of project concerns. MZ Engineering specialize in the evaluation and preparation of claims, and litigation assistance. MZ Engineering experts have extensive testifying experience and involvement in depositions, mediations, trials, and arbitrations, domestic and worldwide.

Environmental Impact Assessments

Working with Continental Shelf Associates (CSA), MZ Engineering provides Subject Matter Experts in marine science, permitting, and impact assessments are international leaders in providing EIA and ESIA services associated with offshore industry activities. In the last 10 years, CSA has conducted more than 400 Environmental Impact Assessments and more than 250 specialized consulting studies including permitting, mapping, and planning in the marine environment. Working with CSA, MZ Engineering also provides Environmental Baseline Survey (EBS) services associated with the sustainable exploration and development of offshore resources, in addition to Environmental Data & Geospatial Services (EDGS). CSA is a world expert in Sea Habitat Restoration & Mitigation, Okeanus Science & Technology and in BLUEFIELD Services – Geotechnical.

Artificial Intelligence-Based Satellite Earth Observation

With the New Space Economy enabled by the Earth Observation Revolution, and working with LiveEO’s, MZ Engineering provides solutions, combining EARTH OBSERVATION DATA & AI to automatically generate actionable insights based on satellite data by monitoring customer’s major and large Infrastructure and Assets. LiveEO analyses Earth Observation Data is generated by applying innovative in-house Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques, to enable efficiency gains, increased safety and reliability.

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MZ Engineering We create buildings, spaces and interiors that bring people together. Our projects include housing, office buildings, communities, commercial, institutional, interiors, and cultural.


MZ Engineering currently employs over 90 Engineers, in various engineering disciplines and continues to recruit talented engineers from within Saudi Arabia whilst also attracting global experts. MZ Engineering has made it a fundamental belief and profound principle for all its engineers and other employees that Safety and Protecting the Environment are paramount in Project delivery. MZ Engineering believes in equal opportunity and it is one of the very few engineering firms registered in Saudi Arabia that welcomes and employs female engineers, providing them career opportunities in engineering.

Our Certifications

MZ Engineering’s certifications covers Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Chimecal, Enviornmental, Safety, Surveying, Architecture, Industrial, Water, Urban, and Rail. MZ Engineering is certified to act as Architect of Record (AOR) and Engineer of Record (EOR)

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