MZ Engineering


MZ Engineering offers comprehensive services which cover the entire project life cycle of assets, buildings and infrastructure. Also, we offer comprehensive services to our clients, providing solutions throughout the life cycle of their projects and assets.


MZ Engineering always encourages its engineers and other employees in regards to corporate social responsibility and community activism, affording them time out of their daily activities to make an IMPACT on their community at large and in the communities where MZ Engineering is delivering an engineering project engagement.

In 2019, MZ Engineering started a simplified Employee Volunteer Program under the name, MZ Engineering IMPACT with the aim for MZ Engineering engineers and other employees to be credited for the voluntary works they contribute tp.

This is because MZ Engineering believes that CHANGING a community is more than the upgrading of infrastructure, or the reconstruction of buildings and roads. CHANGING a community is about SUPPORTING the people who live and contribute to those communities on a daily basis.

MZ Engineering take great pride in supporting the communities where we deliver engineering projects through organizations that focus on health, education and safety activities.


Engineering Technology is a major ingredient in the economic development of Saudi Arabia, as is the case world wide, because engineering technology is the “practical applications arm” of engineering.

MZ Engineering is dedicated to bringing elevating this discipline to a greater understanding and implementation in Saudi Arabia. With the realization of Vision 2030 underway, bringing Global Engineering Technology to Saudi Arabia is greatly needed as the Saudi economic development is accelerated at unprecedented rates.

MZ Engineering was founded with the overarching goal of introducing advanced technology and innovative engineering solutions for the specific needs of its clients and potential clients in Saudi Arabia, GCC and the Middle East.

MZ Engineering is diligently striving to earn a reputation for delivering outstanding, accurate and innovative services and solutions in extremely time-sensitive, multi-layered business environments with “global-industry-recognized” performance and standards.

Engagement with global engineering communities, international engineering associations, international engineering institutes, global partners, specialized research outfits, dialogue with the world’s leading engineering experts and engaging with engineering solutions providers are some of the primary means that MZ Engineering is using to bring-in advance technology and innovative solutions and adopt them into its engagements and offering to its clients.


MZ Engineering is creating opportunities in in different sectors for numerous clients demonstrating its value added.

For its engineers and other employees, MZ Engineering is creating opportunities for engagement, learning, education, creativity and career growth.

For its interested intern engineers, MZ Engineering has provided opportunity for experience the engineering field and the chance to benefit from career growth.

MZ Engineering is adding to the Local Content of its engineering engagements, by employing Saudi nationals and procuring needed services, support and materials from the local market.

For clients, benefits from engaging MZ Engineering in providing services include enabling the growth of local engineering specialties, the creation of more engineering jobs, adding to their Local Content measures and most critically, contributing to the elevation of the engineering disciplines in Saudi Arabia and the region.

In addition to all of that, for clients, benefits from engaging MZ Engineering in providing services include enabling the attraction of global talent and industry experts to work in Saudi Arabia, and the sourcing of advanced technology to the benefit of clients and to Saudi Arabia.