MZ Engineering

Our History

MZ Engineering was founded in 2013 by entrepreneurial, ambitious engineers who came to the realization that the Saudi, GCC and the Middle East Engineering Markets are not sufficiently served by mid-sized engineering service providers.

In addition, global innovation and market knowhow has not sufficiently reached Saudi Arabia and the GCC except through mega projects and large clients.

This is while the Socio-economic growth and diversification of Saudi Arabia is accelerating and is in need of benefitting from multidisciplinary global engineering innovative, Green technology and sustainable solutions at various levels.

All of this comes together at a time where Saudi Arabia is acting on institutionalizing environmental protection, ensuring economic efficiency, social equity and ecological integrity in order to address our planet’s complex challenges. 

From this background, the Mission of MZ Engineering was created to become a multidisciplinary engineering firm that brings global innovative engineering and Green technology for sustainable solutions that can distinctively contribute to the realization of the Saudi Arabian Vision 2030 and beyond.

MZ Engineering is a fully licensed professional engineering firm.


Quality Management System Certification in accordance with standard ISO 9001:2015.

Environmental Management System Certification in accordance with standard ISO 14001:2015.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018.

In Partnership with

SOCOTEC is a global engineering consultancy company within the international SOCOTEC Group. Group SOCOTEC's team boasts more than 12,000 people active in 27 countries.


Since 1970, CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) has served clients in the offshore energy, defense, and telecommunication markets, providing marine scientific consulting and operational support for a range of multidisciplinary marine projects in the U.S. and internationally.

LiveEO was born from the idea that satellite data, a vast and almost untapped resource, has enormous potential to transform our lives, and the world around us, for the better.

Who we are

MZ Engineering currently employs over 90 Engineers, in various engineering disciplines and continues to recruit talented engineers from within Saudi Arabia whilst also attracting global experts.

MZ Engineering has made it a fundamental belief and profound principle for all its engineers and other employees that Safety and Environmental protection are paramount in Project delivery.

MZ Engineering Mission

Collaborate with international engineering partners to bring engineering thought leadership, advance know-how, latest Green technology, best global practices and world-class innovative sustainable solutions that can support the execution of the best global engineering works in Saudi Arabia & the GCC countries, while supporting the sustainable development of Saudi engineering human capabilities towards realizing the ambition of Vision 2030.

MZ Engineering Vision

To be internationally recognized Saudi Engineering Firm with professional global reach serving clients in Saudi Arabia & the GCC countries.

We are Engineer of Record

MZ Engineering employees Professional Engineers who seals drawings, reports, and / or documents for construction project as the Engineer of Record (EoR). The seal signifies that MZ Engineering’s EoR developed, coordinated, or prepared drawings, reports, etc., for a project under the supervision of a Professional Engineer.

A Message From Executive Chairman Eng. Khaled Al Ohali

No matter what your role is in the Client / Project Owner’s organization, MZ Engineering can support and help you to meet your assessment, planning, design, project management and build needs and standards.

As a local engineering firm with magnificent global reach, we collaborate and transfer environmental friendly technology to you thru providing innovative concepts and creative designs that support your safety, environmental protection, architectural, mechanical, plumbing, sustainability, technical engineering, project management and construction supervisor needs with services built to enable your business and the future of the built environment.

Let MZ Engineering be your parterre and sustainable solutions provider.

Leadership of MZ Engineering

We are leading experts with extensive experience in the Saudi market

Khaled Alohali

Executive Chairman

Abdulrahman AlThunayyan

Chief Executive Officer